Some sort of goodbye letter

Four years ago, almost to the day, the redesigned Bloomberg Businessweek arrived on newsstands. The distance from that point to this seems to have passed within the blink of an eye, and has been one of the best and most unexpected adventures I’ve ever had. 

The risk Bloomberg took in hiring someone from another continent, with limited experience and little or no knowledge of business magazines struck me as brave at the time. What I didn’t realize then was that it wasn’t really bravery – more just a desire to not follow the conventional wisdom of what our magazine could be. 

That principle is the result of the people here, exemplified most notably by Josh. Hands down the best boss and editor I have ever worked for, but also and more importantly - my partner in crime, and someone who deserves far more credit for the design of the magazine than he ever allows himself to receive. I will miss him forever. But that spirit of adventure and experimentation that starts with him, runs throughout. No more so than within the art department, who so often pushed me far more than I ever pushed them; and who have an ambition I haven’t found anywhere else. 

The point of this isn’t some sort of self-aggrandizing nostalgia trip (but hey, screw it, maybe that’s exactly what this is), but a chance for me to say thank you; to everyone at Bloomberg, Josh of course, but specifically to Cindy and David, Tracy, Rob, Emily and Emily, Chris, Jaci, Chandra, Shawn, Lee, Evan, Alis, Meagan, Donna, Diana, Dorothy, Jane, Jennifer, Allison, Maayan, Kristin, Brad, Bryant, Ellen, Bryan, Jim, Chris, Eric, Emma, Kurt, Mark, Susan, Ken, David,  Karen, Norm, Jim, Lisa, Justin, Marc, Zazie, Katie, Caroline…  SO MANY MORE PEOPLE. 

Bloomberg is a place where design matters, and never more so than now, as our design thinking is being integrated all over the business. This is a good time to be here. To take what we’ve done so far, push it forward, and improve it. 

So why am I leaving? Well, after writing all this, I’m wondering the same thing.. but it’s time for me to learn something new and work with different content for a different audience. MTV has always created culture and ideas that define generations. The opportunity to work with animators, video artists, journalists, designers, musicians, artists - creating content, creating culture, for an audience as big as MTV’s is really exciting. Plus, it turns out there comes a time when your son’s approval of you becomes as - if not more - important than your approval of him. Apropos of that, promising him a ticket for the VMAs seems to have gone down well. (MTV doesn’t know about this yet. Please don’t tell them).

So farewell. Goodbye. So long. Bye. See you later. I’m going now. Yeah.. nearly there. Definitly going now. I’m off. See ya. Yup, I’m going. Haven’t quite left yet. Walking out. Now. Bye. Actually I’m around till Thursday. Just want to draw this out a bit longer. OK. That’s it.